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Wear Yellow for Hong Kong on October 1st


On October 1st, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers plan to take to the streets of the city to demonstrate against the Chinese government’s decision to renege on its promise to allow us to freely elect our Chief Executive on 2017. Many in the West are unaware of what is happening in Hong Kong and “Wear Yellow for Hong Kong on October 1st” is a campaign to spread the word at universities where students cherish common values of democracy and political autonomy.

Locations Include

Harvard, Yale, Brown, Pitzer, Wellesley, University of Toronto, Northeastern, BU, BC, Tufts, Berklee, MIT, Brandeis, Bentley, Wake Forest, USC, McGill, Purdue, University of Miami, Rochester, UVA, St. George’s, Columbia, U of Michigan, Cornell, UC Berkeley, Michigan State, Duke, Middlebury, University of Chicago, University of Waterloo, University of Bath, Bryn Mawr, Princeton, Swarthmore and other universities.

What’s going on?

On 31 August 2014, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress announced that every Hong Kong resident could vote in the election for the city’s Chief Executive, but could only vote for nominees selected by a pro-Beijing committee. This election procedure is no different to that of Iran’s and is a disappointing blow to Hong Kongers who have slowly seen their political freedoms being eroded away by the Chinese government over the past decade. In the lead-up to the planned protest on October 1st, thousands of university and high school students have gone on strike to protest the Chinese government’s imposed limits on voting rights.

What can you do to help?

- Wear yellow on October 1st to demonstrate solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong. Encourage your friends to do the same!
- Learn more about the Hong Kong Democracy Debate from the news (see links below) and from any friends you have from Hong Kong.
- Spread the word! Change your cover photo/profile picture, re-share the Facebook event or anything in the news about Hong Kong, chat with your friends in the dining hall - every effort counts!

Selected links:







*Text taken from the group description, in case some of you don’t have Facebook but would still like to participate

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Called AT&T and they’re sending me a new battery for my phone. Like, I purposely went to the AT&T store and all they said was for me to call the people. Like thanks man. But now, I have a new battery coming in so I hope my phone doesn’t catch on fire while I’m asleep in the meantime…

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